Digital Storytelling Journal #4: Online Videos

I’d like you to watch two online videos for Friday, 10/22 and write up a journal entry, to be handed in at the start of class.

In your journal, describe your emotional responses to “Take Care” and “Soldiers in Crisis” and what imagery, audio, and production techniques contributed to your response. How did the producers get the footage, audio, and imagery? What risks did they take and what was the impact of these risks – were the risks “worth it”? Consider what you’ve learned about photojournalism so far this semester. What did you notice about camera angles, framing, and composition? Compare and contrast the production techniques, reporting, and editing approaches in these two videos. What do they teach you about different ways to achieve emotional impact in a video story?


Virginia Gandee’s brilliant red hair and dozen tattoos belie the reality of this 22-year-old’s life. Inside her family’s Staten Island trailer her caregiving goes far beyond the love she has for her daughter. See the project at



About Lisa Phillips

I am an assistant professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz and the author of Unrequited: Women and Romantic Obsession (HarperCollins, 2015) and Public Radio: Behind the Voices.
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