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I am an assistant professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz and the author of Unrequited: Women and Romantic Obsession (HarperCollins, 2015) and Public Radio: Behind the Voices.

Reframing Mexico: The Importance of B-roll


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Sound for September 11

How can sound other than the human voice be used to tell a story? Few people can demonstrate as well as the Kitchen Sisters how to use sound to transport listeners into a different time, space, and culture milieu. We’ll … Continue reading

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The Comfort of College Student Things

An audio blog by Digital Storytelling alum Ricardo Hernandez. It’s based on Daniel Miller’s The Comfort of Things, about people and their treasured objects.

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Jogger John

An amazing video about a man in my hometown who finally found a home:

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I’m not sure how to teach this.

But it’s a mind boggling bit of digital storytelling:

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Two very different examples of plot! In class, we’ll talk how each uses a narrative arc, with exposition, rising action, a climax, falling action and a resolution. Morgan Sperlock’s Supersize Me (in Seven Seconds) Take Care by Gillian Laub

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B roll possibilities

Your Extracurricular New Paltz projects have obvious possibilities for b roll: the extracurricular activity itself. But the key to a strong video is visual variety. So once you’ve captured footage of the activity, using a variety of shot types and … Continue reading

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Short clips, labels and subclips: Tips for organizing your media

Avid is a slow moving beast. Import and export times can be long. So it’s helpful to avoid importing long files whenever possible. How to do this? When filming, pause and restart the video recording each time you change angles, … Continue reading

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Exploring stories from the past with images from the present

One of the main challenges of producing audio slideshows for narrative-based stories is that so much of the story takes place in the past. Here’s a slideshow about Mark Mocha, who is moving on from a past full of mistakes. … Continue reading

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How to Set Up Your Blog and Embed a Soundcloud File in the Post

We’ll be using WordPress blogs (just like this one) to display our digital storytelling finery. For class on Thursday 2/16, please set up your blog and post your audio story on it. There are a lot of steps, but the … Continue reading

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Test post for class

Here’s a little bit of sound from the Metronorth Train to Grand Central Station:

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Best Ever Audacity Tutorial

This tutorial from The Knight Digital Media Center will guide you through the ins and outs of editing with Audacity.

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For Droid users

Try one of these apps and let me listen to the sound quality:

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Turn your iphone or itouch into a recording device.

We have a shortage of our portable recorders this semester. I want to encourage anyone who has an iphone or an itouch to download the italk app. There is a free version and an inexpensive premium version. The sound quality … Continue reading

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An Explanation of Diagetic and Non-Diagetic Sound

In case you were wondering.

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Classic Story Form, and How It Applies to the “My Test” Assignment

A graphic of classic plot form: Exposition is where the storyteller sets the stage for the drama to follow. Who is this story about? What is his/her challenge — in your case, test? What’s at stake in meeting the challenge … Continue reading

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Supersize Me

Perhaps the most famous example of the “My Test” approach to filmmaking is Morgan Sperlock’s “Supersize Me.” He spends a month living on nothing but McDonald’s. Let’s watch this excerpt to see what it can teach us about narrative and … Continue reading

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The Seltzer Man Returns!

…in a video from MediaStorm. We’ll also watch this video from 60 Minutes on a symphony orchestra in the Congo. These two videos show the importance of mixing video AND audio on multiple tracks.

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Video file formats

Everything you ever wanted to know about video file formats:  

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Trim Mode Tutorial

Trim mode can be tricky to get used to. You’ll get an intro to it in Chapter 3, but if you need a more visual demo of trim mode, go to the tutorial on it (#4) and viola:

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