Extracurricular New Paltz

What students do when they’re not studying, sleeping, eating, or Facebooking.


American Sign Language Club
Produced by April Castillo

Members of the SUNY New Paltz American Sign Language club discuss their experiences.

Religion at New Paltz
Produced by Jillian Nadiak

I interviewed three people from SUNY New Paltz to see how religion plays a role in their lives outside and inside of school.

New Paltz Cheer
Produced by Allaura Pagano

As an athlete, I always wondered whether cheerleading was considered to be on the same level as my competitive softball team. I always thought that they were there at the games for moral support and really honestly didn’t do anything to help the sport. But I was sooooo wrong. Watch as 3 amazing athletes tell us about their story and why cheerleading is actually a sport. And a hard one at that…..They are not just a team, but they are a family. I got the inside scope about how hard it really is to be a NP Cheerleader!

New Paltz Club Soccer
Produced by Rocco Romeo

Do you enjoy the world’s most popular sport? Soccer is a unique sport that requires massive amounts of skill sets including stamina, foot skills, vision, pace, defending, and finishing. Watch here as to why 3 young, talented men enjoy playing on the Club team so they can have a balance between school work, free time, and soccer.

The Jam Fam
Produced by Adiana Rivera

Jam Asia is an amazing club with amazing attributes, and is more than just a club to the people in it. Watch as three people talk about what Jam Asia means to them.

Hoop Club
Produced by Alessandra Cirenza

Come explore the fascinating world of hula hooping, as the girls in New Paltz Hoop Club tell what the club is all about as well as watching their amazing hoop tricks and practices. This club is a great expierence for anyone who likes to hula hoop, even if you don’t think you’re good at it. Hope you enjoy!

Hosting Murphy’s
Produced by Sam Burstein

Three fraternity brothers walk into a bar…and play host.

SUNY New Paltz’s American Marketing Association
Produced by Salvatore Vona

Listen and watch how SUNY New Paltz’s American Marketing Association chapter helps students stay involved on campus and in a marketing and business enviornment! Listen to intriguing interviews about students and staff who stay actively involved in this successful organization!

New Paltz SSDP
Produced by Sean Engvold

In this short documentary, I take a look in to New Paltz’s chapter of SSDP (Stundents for Sensible Drug Policy), a group seeking both national and local drug policy reform. Hear the story of how through dedication and persistence, SSDP has managed to incite policy reform in the New Paltz community.

FALL 2012

Culture Shock
Produced by Giancarlo Camacho

A look at New Paltz’s premiere dance troupe.

Rock Climbing
Produced by Alex Nye

What motivates people to climb up hundreds of feet on natural rock formations and trust their life with nothing but their own gear and the friends they went with? Find out what it takes.

Absolut Acapella
Produced by Alyssa Haining

No instruments? No problem. This is a group of students at SUNY New Paltz that make up for their lack of instruments by beat boxing, singing, and doing whatever is necessary to make a song come to life.

Absolut Acapella from alyssa haining on Vimeo.

Women’s Basketball
Produced by Drewnesha Thompson

Take a look at the SUNY New Paltz Women’s Basketball team! These women are not JUST hardworking “ballers”, but they are also a family.

New Paltz Yogis
Produced by Charlene V. Martoni

Yoga is a popular extracurricular activity at the State University of New York at New Paltz. The Athletic and Wellness Center on campus offers students free weekly yoga classes, and many students also attend meetings of the school’s Yoga Club. Whether they are beginners or advanced yogis, SUNY New Paltz students cultivate their yoga interests by joining together to exercise.

The Swim Club
Produced by Ricardo A. Hernandez, Jr.

Swimmers, take your mark! Get Set! Go! The New Paltz Swim Club is an athletic organization at the State University of New York at New Paltz. The organization strives to be a haven for those who can’t commit to the varsity swimming team on campus, but continue their passion for swimming. The students consider each other family as they practice three times a week and compete against other colleges in New York State.

Year on a Mountain
Produced by Kelly Fay

Year On a Mountain is a five person, alternative rock band based in New Paltz that isn’t afriad to be different. SUNY students Jamie Pagirsky (drummer), Eric Sowalskie (bass) and Jackie Stanitis (viola and keyboard) explain what brought them to the band and why being part of the local music scene is important to them.

Produced by Corrina Stokes

The student run theater Paper Rain Laboratory Theater strives to do things the rest of campus doesn’t. Not only do they provide entertainment for the students on campus, they provide a different outlet for actors to act outside of the bound of their department. With this production, they all face the challenge of acting against the elements in a show performed outside. And while they may be acting, the shows they do feel real.

Student Radio at SUNY New Paltz: The Edge
Produced by Matt Mandato

Find out about the faces behind the voices of WFNP.

The Student Association

Produced by Yoav Katz

Three members of the student government talk about their roles.

The Swing Dance Club
Produced by Alana Blatz

Equipped with jazz music and nimble feet, the SUNY New Paltz Swing Dance Club is reviving a style of dance that is not normally practiced in college “club dance” culture. The members of the Swing Dance Club have varying levels of expertise but they all enjoy the release that swing dance gives them and the sense of community they have experienced through their involvement with the club. The presence of the club on campus is small, but swing dance is finding its’ footing again, with larger dance circles popping up in Poughkeepsie and New York City. For the involved students, swing dance club is a break from the monotony.

Alpha Psi Omega: The National Theater Society at New Paltz
Produced by Caterina DeGaetano

Three students from Alpha Psi Omega, the National Theater Honor Society at SUNY New Paltz, share their talents and experiences with performing arts and their involvement with the club.

SUNY New Paltz Political Science and International Affairs Club
Produced by Ben Sherry

New Paltz Political Science and International Relations Club is a melting pot of diverse political opinion and debate. It is here where engaged, articulate, and current-affairs-savvy students come to discuss the world’s happenings and develop a sense of belonging at the same time.


Nachle New Paltz

Produced by Mili Ali

Nachle New Paltz is a South Asian dance team initially lead by Co-Captain Leesha Alex and Aruna Kateri since the Spring semester of 2010 introducing different styles in every performance, entertaining and educating to all. So, what makes this dance team unique? Let’s find out:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu New Paltz

Produced by Zhen Lin

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club at SUNY New Paltz is a great way to relieve stress especially during the semester. Presidents Chris and Erik teach the members self-defense and the ability to submit anyone. Finals are coming up so what better way to knock out that stress than to stop by and see what this club has to offer?

Mission Improvable

Produced by Jonathan Bulla

The Mission Improvable improv troop is a group of trained improvisers who have performed in NYC and throughout New York state. Watch as they perform completely organic scenes based on audience suggestion. As they share their experiences with improvisation, they explain what makes improv so fun, and yet challenging. If you like the show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”, you’ll love this!

Jam Asia at SUNY New Paltz

Produced by Kimberly Locke

Amazing dance performances. A celebration of any and all cultures. A family. A group of warm and friendly people awaits you at SUNY New Paltz. Welcome to Jam Asia!

New Paltz Players

The student-run theater group at SUNY New Paltz explains how and why they spend the majority of their time creating and performing plays.

Sigma Delta Ta

Produced by Brittanie Leigh

A common stereotype of a sorority is all the sisters do is party. This video takes you in to the every day lives of the women of the Gamma Nu chapter of Sigma Delta Tau. Enjoy!

May I be filled with Loving-Kindness: Students Who Meditate

Produced by Danielle Plotkin

For many people living in this fast-paced world, the last thing on their mind is meditation. They’re encompassed by schedules and to-do lists. However, meditation is a hollistic practice of the mind, body and soul. Paired with yoga or practiced alone, New Paltz students find time to clear their mind and cleanse their chakras with meditation. College is a stressful time,while three very different students use meditation to develop a sense of mindfulness and self- awareness….

May they cultivate lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.
May they live in peace and harmony with all beings -Bodhipaksa, Metta Meditation

Urban Lyrics

Produced by Julio Olivencia

Urban Lyrics is a poetry group at SUNY New Paltz like no other. Their raw urban style set them apart from other slam poetry groups. The following video explores the group through three of its members.

Behind New Paltz: Bounce Method

Produced by Brendan O’Keefe

While many college students join clubs or hang out with friends during their free time, four New Paltz students decided to act on their love of music. While being in a band may seem like fun and games, it also interferes with their personal lives.


Produced by Jaleesa Baulkman

The Fahari-Libertad is a student-run magazine that was created on in 1973 to address the issues of students of color on campus and abroad.

The New Paltz Gaming Society

Produced by Dan O’Regan

The SUNY New Paltz Gaming Society is a community by gamers for gamers, an outlet to explore and come together as a community. Self described “gamers” explain why they are compelled to spend up to 20 hours engaging in their favorite past time: Gaming.

True Value

Produced by Khynna Kuprian

Most students’ extracurricular activities involve sports, clubs, the outdoors, Greek life, or academia. Meet three women who share how their experiences in college relate to working at a paying job.

Thanks to SUNY New Paltz students Gabii Lusher and Lauren Gill,
and former New Paltz student and graduate of the art department, Eileen Hedley.

True Value of New Paltz, filming location.
Communication and Media Department Department at SUNY New Paltz, production facilities.

The New Paltz Outing Club

Produced by Terence Gardner

Do you find the gym boring? Need a break from school? Or maybe you just want to get a little closer to nature? Well in that case, you need look no further than the New Paltz Outing Club. A perfect gathering for kids who share an interest in getting some exercise out in the wilderness.

The Cheerleading Club

Produced by Erica Nardella

This video depicts the SUNY New Paltz Cheerleading club at one of their hardworking practices. Even though they aren’t recognized by the SUNYAC Conference these girls and two guys don’t let it effect their attitude. These cheerleaders are full of Hawk Spirit and love what they do. Their smiles say it all. Enjoy!

FALL 2011

Down to Earth
Produced by Josh Rosman

Jared Pazienza and his housemates, Tom and Mike, seem like the average New Paltz students. What a lot of people don’t know is when these guys are not suffering in the confines of a small classroom, they are jumping out of an airplane, 14,000 feet above Ulster County! Yes, these boys are avid skydivers and with 250 jumps between them, they’re not letting the onset of winter slow them down.

Down to Earth from Josh Rosman on Vimeo.

Male Call
Produced by Joann Syrek

Male Call is a performing acapella group on the SUNY New Paltz campus. They were newly established a few years ago and have quickly made there voices well known on campus. Because of their sense of unity and friendship their performances out shine other acapella groups from different schools. Mike Blandino, Luke DiCola, and Matthew Hunter give us an idea of what Male Call means to them as not just a group, but as a “brotherhood.”

Male Call from Joann Syrek on Vimeo.

Warriors Dance Crew
Produced by Alyssa Klein

Known for their diversity in membership and dance styles, the Warriors are one of the newest additions to the many dance teams at SUNY New Paltz.

Poker Night

Three New Paltz students struggle to the finish to see who holds more chips by the end of the night.

Produced by Eric Hazucha

Improv to Improve
Produced by Dan Sklar

An inside look the T.B.A Improv group:

Black Solidarity Day
Produced by Denecia Charles

Black Solidarity has been on the New Paltz campus for some years, but not many students have been able to attend or even know what the event is about. Take an inside peak to at this year’s Black Solidarity day.

A look at SUNY New Paltz’s ultimate frisbee team, GUNX.
Produced by Howard Yew

GUNX Ultimate from Howard Yew on Vimeo.

Mesa de Conversacion
Produced by Claudia Canales

The Mesa “table” for conversation is a place where students can gather weekly to practice their Spanish. A highlight every year is the club’s Day of the Dead celebration.

Life on the Edge: WFNP’s Radio News Team
Produced by Darcy Reddan

Truth in Our Hands: The Little Rebellion Story
In Video on November 17, 2011 at 3:20 am

A look at the journalism program’s online news magazine.
Produced by Joe Martindale

Voice for Choice
Produced by Samantha Taibi

The Breakdance Association

There are many clubs at SUNY New Paltz, but one in particular unfortunately flies under the radar. That club is The Breakdance Association, a club made up of few members with a lot of passion.

Produced by Lorenn Kassel

The Sexy Pitches

The Sexy Pitches consist of extraordinary woman, with amazing talent. Together, they create sounds that will blow your mind. Their voices, attitudes, and over all love for singing, is what makes this group so phenomenal. They come from different backgrounds and all have different interests and hobbies, but when they come together to sing, they are one. They work hard, study hard, and sing even harder. Whether they are performing on the SUNY New Paltz campus, or in town, they give their performance everything they’ve got, and are loved by everyone.

Produced by Jordana Golub

Let’s Bounce

Stuffed into the basement at 22 South Oakwood, New Paltz funk rock band “Bounce Method” shares with us the dynamics of their music, and the comings of their eagerly anticipated debut EP, “Characters.”

Produced by Adam Morelli

Miami Theater Players

When non theater-majors on the SUNY New Paltz campus still have the taste for the theater, they can turn to Miami Theater Players, a sort of theater club that is completely student run.

Produced by Dylan Gerety

Miami Theater Players from Dylan Gerety on Vimeo.

WFNP The Edge: Unplugged

The zany DJ’s who flood the airwaves of New Paltz’s college radio station WFNP The Edge, have personalities that could make any listener stick around. Freshman music major, Misha Savage’s alter ego, “The Space God,” often appears screaming on the waves of his show, “Space God’s Morning Metal Madness.” Dave Cohen, also known as “Coho,” dressed in drag for his 8th grade school play. Nikki Gertner, host of Live and Local, has interviewed the singer from Everclear on one of her shows. Even with their different styles, the passion these three DJ’s share come together to produce great music and a strong energy over the airwaves of 88.7 FM.

Produced by Sarah Fine

Dumbledore’s Army of New Paltz

What do New Paltz students do when they’re not going to classes, studying, or working? That was the question posed to me as my class’s next project.
Dumbledore’s Army of New Paltz is a club on campus that brings together people who love Harry Potter and who want to save the world. The book series provides lessons that these students interpret and apply to everyday life. The club allows like-minded students to be around people just like themselves and to have an outlet for everything they want to achieve.

This video introduces you to a few members of this unique group.

Produced by Kelsey Lang

TBA Improv Group

TBA is a student run improv group that performs throughout the Mid Hudson valley. They started as just friends trying to make the student body laugh, and is now trying to expand its horizons and become more of a mainstream hit. Photos Courtesy of TBA Improv.

Produced by Nick Migliorino

The Water Crisis

Hawk Cheerleaders

Although cheerleading is not offered as an official varsity sport at the State University of New York at New Paltz, students with tremendous school spirit have found their way into the cheerleading club. Unique students lend their talents to the process of building a high-flying, game-cheering, competition-winning cheerleading team. After many years of struggling to come into their own, the squad has come across huge turn-around this year. Although they are proud of where they stand, they always reflect back on how far they have all come individually and as a whole team.

Produced by Monica Hertz

Students for Fresh Water

Students For Fresh Water, Formerly Students for Fresh Water in Developing Nations is a non-profit organization at SUNY New Paltz. This club helps provide water to people in developing countries. Through local fundraisers and demonstrations, all of the proceeds that this club makes is sent to Charity Water, A non profit organization that provides developing countries with the resources to have fresh drinking Water.

Produced by Sabrina Ross

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